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It’s a people business

When it comes right down to it, the people that make up our organization and yours, are the most critical link in providing top quality service. You need knowledge, enthusiasm, dedication and most of all people that take Pride in a job well done.

We have that with the Pride Team and will continue to develop it further but there is something more that creates our unique advantage!

The right people and resources

In the transport industry, many refer to “going the extra mile”, being “in it for the long haul” and other expressions that basically equates to caring about their customers and the outcome. We concur but we have taken it a step further.

To our knowledge, few carriers have invested the resources into their fleet that we have. There are tier one carriers out there running 15-20 year old equipment within their city operations and 10-15 year old equipment up and down the highways across North America. Why invest in great people and then give them inappropriate technology and equipment to work with. Why take risks with safety, load security and on-time performance?

At Pride Group Logistics we will continue to operate current model year equipment, employ the latest technologies, communicate with and train quality Pride Team members to provide first class, premium truckload service throughout North America. That’s The Pride Advantage™