Dedicated Truckload >Within Canada

Ontario, Quebec and Western Canada

From our head office facility in Mississauga, ON, we manage the dedicated truckload operations for all domestic moves within Canada. Our core activities connect Ontario and Quebec markets on an overnight and second day basis. We operate both dry vans and reefer equipped trailers. Temperature controlled commodities are our strong suit and we have both tandem and tridem configurations.

Outbound activity from Ontario and Quebec to Western Canada are strong lanes for us as well, especially Alberta and British Columbia. We operate both single and team drivers to accommodate our customers’ time constraints and overall transportation spend.

Your Long Haul, Western Canada Carrier

As mentioned in our company profile, we want Pride to become synonymous with long haul western transportation. As we grow and refine our services further, our focus is the west coast of both Canada and the USA. The dedicated nature of our services bring other opportunities to us outside of our truckload specialization. LTL services and truckload requirements that require flatbed and heavy haul configurations are also in the mix at Pride Group Logistics.