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Ambient, cool and frozen temperatures

Our current model, Thermo-King equipped trailers, keeps your product at the set temperatures specified on your documentation throughout their journey. We are able to monitor and control the temperatures remotely due to the state-of–the-art technology on board these brand new units. A dual power source keeps fuel consumption down when trailers are parked as an added environmental benefit.

More axles, greater payload

Both tandem and tridem axle configurations are available for payloads of 53,000 lbs and 66,000 lbs respectively. The tridems run within Canada and are well suited to hauling commodities like frozen meats between Central and Western Canada.

Transporting temperature-controlled truckload commodities within Canada and between Canada and the USA is our focus at Pride Group Logistics. For the further convenience to our customers we also transport LTL commodities as required.